Temporary Autonomous Architecture is a computational design research collaborative practice, founded in 2013 by Andrea Rossi and Lila PanahiKazemi. Their work revolves around the impact of computational tools on architecture and urban design, with a specific focus on self-assembly logics as base for a reconceptualization of the relationship between designers, users and the environment at the different scales. Their work have been exhibited and presented internationally in various contexts, including the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale, ACADIA Adaptive Architecture 2013 (Waterloo, CA), BioDigital Architecture 2014 (Barcelona, ES), as well as being awarded the “Robert Oxman Prize” in 2013 as Best Thesis Research. Moreover, TAA team has been leading several workshops on computational design, such as InteractivePlanningIstanbul (Buffalo, USA), Space/Time Architecture (Piacenza, IT), InFORMed Geometries (Berlin, DE), Liquid Tectonics (Offenbach, DE).



Lila PanahiKazemi is an architectural researcher, computational designer and system engineer. She is currently based in Frankfurt (DE), where she is Computational Design Specialist for KSP Jurgen Engel Architekten. She is the co-founder of Temporary Autonomous Architecture. Her research focuses on the impact of the digital tools in architecture, with a special focus on self-assembly and digital fabrication strategies. In recent years PanahiKazemi has been working for Sturgeon North Architects (UK), and teaching a number of workshops on computational design tools and coding in Italy, Germany and USA. She holds a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, a Bachelor of Architecture from Leeds Metropolitan University and a Master of Architecture from Dessau International Architecture Graduate School.



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